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A lot of our ideas for what to cook come from other blogs (via pinterest for me). So we’ve decided to add a page to our blog recognizing those other blogs where we’ve gotten a lot of help from or that we really love.

  • Semi Homemade Mom: I found this blog on pinterest while trying to figure out tonight’s dinner. The things I’ve seen on her blog look really amazing. Can’t wait to try them all out! – Small Cook,
  • Budget Bytes: This blog is really cool for those of us on a budget. The blogger puts down the cost of every ingredient, every meal, and almost every serving. It’s really great. Budget Bytes is really cool and has great recipes. Going to have to get started on some more cooking. – Small Cook
  • Saladcheese: The first recipe I saw on this blog was for mouth-watering homemade buffalo burgers, homemade fries, and homemade ketchup. I started looking around the site and… well… it looks amazing. I’m so excited about those burgers especially. – Small Cook
If you have a blog to recommend please feel free to tell us here:


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